Credit and Banking

With Cadastro Positivo, new customers obtained a 10.4% reduction in interest rates for consumer credit.

About Credit and Banking

Credit is the financial operation in which financial institutions intermediate the relationship between agents who have resources and those who need to access them. By making this intermediation, banks and fintechs fund the economy. These institutions also offer multiple banking services, like deposits and custody of resources. Delve deeper into these essential activities of the financial system.
With the use of technology, fintechs are growing as an alternative in the credit market. Regulatory innovations and other measures to support innovation strengthen this movement.
Aiming to expand the debate and encourage studies on the financial system, we created the ProPague Award. With the help of a judging commission formed by renowned researchers, we selected the best academic papers about the Brazilian Financial System. All papers are in English and freely available in the Ebook Prêmio ProPague 2020.