The growth of crypto in Brazil and worldwide has brought about the debate on the need for regulation of the market. The movement, however, has not been uniform or simple. In this bulletin we analyze the regulatory debate in countries whose actions have drawn attention recently to point out trends for Brazil, but also for the international scenario.

About Crypto

The crypto universe is getting bigger and bigger but people still have many doubts about its concepts and operations. The most famous cryptoassets are cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin in particular, but there are others like stablecoins and NFTs. These assets are all digital and based on technologies like cryptography, blockchain, tokens, and smart contracts. Come learn about all of them!
Offline payments, cross-border transactions, smart contracts, and tiered distribution are the highlights in the design of the Brazilian digital currency disclosed by the Central Bank.
CBDCs combine the functionality of electronic payments with the universal accessibility of money. Under review by more than 40 central banks around the world, these digital currencies promise to facilitate payments and promote financial inclusion.